How to Stage a Effective Intervention for an Alcoholic

Intervention is the first step in the process of alcohol rehabilitation in which the intimate family and friends of alcohol convince the latter that they did have an addiction problem that requires detoxification and rehabilitation.  

The recommended approach for intervention is as follows:

Each rehab center will have a special intervention counselor that you can call for coordinated intervention. Family / close friends should initiate first contact and they will have to take responsibility for being part of the ongoing rehabilitation interventions and support groups. If the intervention is an invitational one, Alcohol Interventions is also involved during the first contact and privy to all the subsequent steps.  

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Intervention counselor will choose the support group of the most intimate of family and friends of the addict/alcoholic and decide what kind of approach necessary interventions based on inputs provided by the support on the character and nature of the alcoholic / addict. The exact date, place and time of intervention is determined based on the feedback.

Support groups will be asked to write a letter to the alcoholic / addict illustrates how substance abuse and addiction affects them badly. The letters have to be honest but care must be taken not to hurt the feelings of the subject. Give the letter to the intervention counselor who will go with you and edit according to your license.  

On the planned intervention support group is required to assemble at a place and time decided. In confrontational methods, these details are not shared with the alcoholic / addict and he was invited to place on different pretexts.  

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