What Are Solar Homes?

Cooling and heating a house takes plenty of energy, and for most of us, this means huge utility bills and a lot of stress. However, for homeowners who live in solar homes, things are a little bit different.

But what is a solar home, you might wonder? Well, it is a green modern home that makes use of solar power to meet all your energy, lighting, and heating needs.

Solar homes can be purchased from scratch or can be transformed from regular homes by adding various solar devices. We find the best solar energy solutions to reduce the cost of your energy bills.

The obvious benefit of a solar home is that the electric bills are much lower. In addition to that, they emit no greenhouse gases which translate into extra protection for the environment. There are two types of solar homes – active and passive.

While active homes are specially designed to produce energy on their own, converting the sunlight into electricity, passive ones can lower the household's energy needs in the long term.

Both approaches lead to a more energy-efficient home, which consequently brings a higher resale value and increased protection from increasing utility rates.

Passive solar houses are common homes with large windows. When the sun enters the house, everything it touches will immediately heat up. This is the main concept behind a passive solar design.

On cool days, the sun enters the house and heats the floors and the walls that are specially built to store up the heat. If you insulate your home correctly, choose the right windows and select the most appropriate materials, you can transform your home into a passive source of heat.

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