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To become a successful cosmetologist, it is important that you get licensed. This entails taking and passing various tests meant to gauge your level of preparedness for the job. There are lots of things that go into preparing for these assessments. This read will teach you a few ways of preparing for your state board esthetician practical exam.

You want to begin by seeking clarity on the exam you are looking to take. This you can do by calling up your local board to gather information on what is expected of you. You also need to find out about the nature and scope of the assessment. Besides, you can ask about the available dates, requirements, and any forms that you may need to complete. Having the correct information offers you the clarity you require to prepare well.

One of the most important things to do when preparing for any test is to study. It is imperative that you set aside enough time to go through the things that you studied in class. Similarly, you need to practice a lot to get accustomed to various techniques. Practice every step you have been taught in exact order. Most importantly, come up with means of memorizing the things that matter.

Sterilization is an important area that you will be assessed on during your practical exam. As such, be sure that you are knowledgeable about ways of sterilizing your equipment, working area, hands, etc. You also need to ensure that you put all your used materials in a trash bin. By doing so, you will amass most of the points you need to get licensed.

You should review a couple of resources ahead of your examination. There are tons of valuable resources that you can find through the National Interstate Council of State Boards of Cosmetology. These will help you get familiar with some of the things to expect in your forthcoming paper. You do not want to go for a licensing test without an idea of what is ahead.

A week before your assessment, you should prepare your kit. You need a lot of time to go through your checklist to ensure that you have packed everything that you will need during your test. Packing your kit in time will also allow you time to replace any equipment that could be faulty. Remember, rushing to put things in order at the last minute will only jeopardize your chances of reaching your goals.

Performing well in your assessment is extremely important to your future career. Therefore, after studying and practicing hard, you want to get lots of rest a day to your examination. Going out with friends and having drinks is not a great idea at this time. Instead, you should focus on having enough rest and sleep.

Before going to your examination room, you should fuel up. Wake up early enough to a good breakfast to keep your energy levels within desirable limits. Many people have passed their licensing papers, and you are not an exception. Still, even when things do not work out the first time, you can always go for a retake.


When two parties enter into a contract, it is the job of the contract manager to ensure all the terms and conditions of the contract are met, and whatever the reason of the contract is also completed. The contract manager can be appointed from either side of the parties, or can also be brought in by a public or private body. Contract manager is an important but rare profession; therefore, they earn a lot of money.  

Terms & Conditions

Contracts have many terms & conditions and the manager has to ensure that all the parties involved are aware of them, and everything is honest and transparent. The managers have to ensure all things terms & conditions are met at the right, stipulated time every step of the way, and report it to the parties involved. It may sound simple, it is not.


This is what makes the contracts complicated. There are amendments and changes to a contract and this is quite common. They have to oversee all the changes and ensure there is no fraud or discrepancy. They are also in charge of the changes and amendments being implemented.


The contract managers have to document each and everything happening during the active contract. This ensures transparency and honesty from both parties. The documents are then submitted for review and have legal standing in case any matters arise.

If contract management sounds like something that would interest you, you can undergo procurement and contract management training to get into this profession.